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Ministers and Staff

In The United Methodist Church, we believe that all Christians are ministers by virtue of our baptism. This page shows you which staff members to contact if you need their help and where you will find them day to day--they might surprise you! Bios appear alphabetically by last name.

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Dylan Cooper


Greenville native and Kavanaugh raise, he has been apart of Kavanaugh's family since childhood. Graduating from A&M Commerce with his studies in Graphic Design and Visual Arts, he serves his church as the live service digital-aesthetics operator and online video editor. He does so as a way to repay the kindness and warmth that Kavanaugh as given his family over the years.

Contact Dylan if you:
- would like to ask about video editing or graphic design work/pointers - would like to talk about movies, comics or stories


You'll find Dylan spending most of his time either drawing or writing. Time not spent drawing is time spent thinking about what to draw.


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James Hamilton


In 2001, James officially joined Kavanaugh UMC. In 2008, he was asked to serve as the Youth Director and gladly accepted the position. He is passionate about helping the youth learn from Christ and strengthen their faith. He also is a believer in “Keeping it Real” and encourages the youth to ask the tough questions as well as how modern society puts so many pressures on them that contradict the lessons from Christ. He and the youth are active in Mission work, and they let their hands prove Christ’s work by traveling all over the US and completing house repairs to those in need.

Contact James if you:

--want to tell him about your youth

--have questions about midweek United Methodist Youth Fellowship

--have questions about the summer mission trip

--have ideas about youth ministry

--want to volunteer to help

--want to know to best places to hunt and fish


You will find James serving our community as a police officer, which he has done for more than 15 years. He says, “In my free time I spend time with my beautiful wife and two amazing children.” They love to camp, fish, and hunt.

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Randall Hooper


I came to Kavanaugh UMC in the fall of 2009 just as I accepted the position as Director of Choirs and Vocal Activities at Texas A&M University-Commerce. I have been serving churches as a Director of Music since my sophomore year in college in 1989. My passion is and has always been to inspire people through good music. We are blessed at Kavanaugh UMC with a congregation that loves music and supports all of our musical activities.


Contact Randy if you:

-want to sing in the chancel choir or play in the handbell choir

-want to grab a Diet Coke and talk about music in our church, community and at A&M-Commerce


You’ll find Randy teaching undergraduate conducting, conducting the University Chorale and Chambers Singers, and directing the Vocal Division at A&M-Commerce or at church planning anthems and worship music.

When Randy is not at church or A&M-Commerce, he is renovating his family’s mid-century ranch home or their latest investment property, enjoying a little time with his wife Elaine and daughters Abigale and Claire, or occasionally, in the summer, floating in the pool reading a book. 

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Patrick Just


Kavanaugh became his church home in 1987, when the choir director at that time asked him to join the choir.  Since that time, he has served in several different positions in the church.  He was the Youth Director for about 8 years, was the Young Adult Director for 2 years, and has been the Bell Choir Director for the last 10 years.  In 2001, he and his wife Catherine were married in the beautiful sanctuary; and both of their children, Gregory and Nicholas, were baptized here as well.

Contact Pat if you:

-want information how to join the bell choir (or any part of the music program at KUMC)

-are interested in learning to play handbells

-would like to know when the handbells will be a part of the worship service

-want to play racquetball


You'll find Pat working as the Director of Student and Family Services in Rockwall ISD.  Pat and Catherine enjoy watching the boys play soccer, baseball, football and a myriad of other things that 10 and 12 year olds can find to do.  On the rare occasion that nothing is going on, you'll find the Just's at home and hanging out with their 3 dogs and 9 cats.   


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Rev. Cecilia Granadosin



Chief among Pastor Cecilia's interests in ministry include local and international missions, believing that mission work strengthens the local church.  Pastor C believes that mission work is an expression of 1 John 4:19 which says, “We love because God first loved us.”  Pastor Cecilia also loves teaching and preaching the Word.

Contact Pastor Cecilia if you:

-need someone to listen and pray

-are interested in local and international missions

-are curious about exploring your faith

-want to become a member of Kavanaugh United Methodist Church

-want to explore how you'd like to serve

-looking for someone hang-out with to explore the wonders of faith in Jesus Christ.

-looking to learn new Christian songs, explore languages, fold paper and use all these to talk about faith. 


Day to Day:

Pastor Cecilia is available for visits, including taking communion to those who are unable tdo come to church.  Contact the church office or send her an email.

She also loves teaching children so bring your kids/grand kids to church.  Pastor C always has something special for the kids to do as she helps them learn about faith.

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Kathy Logan



i came to kavanaugh umc with the desire to share my passion of praising the Lord through music while helping

lead and enhance the congregation’s corporate praise and worship.


Contact Kathy if you:

--want to sit and “gab”, especially while drinking a cup of hot chocolate

--need a person who is a stephen minister to “listen” to you

--need a professional accompanist or keyboard suggestions for those very special

and heartfelt times in your life, i.e., weddings, funerals, etc.



you’ll find kathy working as the receptionist/administrative support in the administration offices of commerce independent school district; “after work” teaching texas a&m university-commerce organ students

the art of playing hymns and worship music; rehearsing with the kavanaugh umc choir;

driving to wylie, texas to give piano lessons to at least seven of her thirteen grandchildren;

being a professional accompanist at the university and/or the public school(s);

or playing piano, organ, harpsichord, or keyboard in other venues as she has opportunity


when kathy’s not at church, working fulltime, or teaching, she enjoys swimming, walking, needlework and quilting, reading, watching all seasons and episodes of older specially-chosen tv programs, and spending time with friends.  but she really sparkles when spending time with her children and grandchildren