Kavanaugh UMC assists deserving high school seniors to further their education by providing annual scholarships. These grants are sustained through the Kavanaugh Scholarship Fund and through the generosity of the individuals or, in the case of memorial scholarships, the families of Kavanaugh members whose names they bear.

Scholarship applications are sent to all county and area high schools each April. Counselors are encouraged to make applications available to students.

All applicants must :


  • must have a minimum grade average of “C”
  • Carry at least 12 hours of course study each semester (or full-time enrollment for their school)
  • Need financial assistance to attend college


Scholarships available:


Lee Byron Faulkner Memorial Scholarship (2 available annually)

  • Open to graduating seniors or recent graduates of Greenville High School or other Hunt County high school
  • Preference given to children of the current pastor of KUMC
  • Selection not limited to pastor’s children
  • Pastor’s child or children limited to a maximum award of four scholarship school years for as long as the pastor is in residence at Kavanaugh


Kavanaugh Scholarship

  • Open to recent graduates of Greenville High School
  • Preference given to active members of Kavanaugh UMC
  • Selection not limited to KUMC members


Mary and Paul Bain Memorial Scholarship

  • Open to graduates of Greenville High School
  • One year award
  • Academic criteria must be met for renewal


Virginia Ray Memorial Scholarship

  • Open to Hunt County students
  • Renewable four year scholarship


Kelly Rhodes Memorial Scholarship

  • Open to Greenville High School graduates
  • One year scholarship


Michael Henson Memorial Scholarship

  • Open to students interested in pursuing alternative education (technical school, etc.)
  • One year scholarship


Jettie & Emmett Manley Memorial Scholarship

  • Open to Hunt County graduates
  • One year scholarship