Sermon Manuscripts

2018-1007 Dwell in Grace, Not in Guilt or Anxiety

As part of the "Anxious for Nothing" series, this sermon shows how guilt leads to anxiety. Paul explains how to deal with unresolved guilt.

2018-0826 Taking a Trip to See God

In the Old Testament, Job asked, “Oh that I knew where I might find God! That I might come even to His dwelling!” Is God's location limited to a temple, synagogue building, or church building? Where can we travel to find God?

2018-0819 Tenants on God's Property

In the sermon for Rural Life Sunday, the focus is on land stewardship. To read the 2016 United Methodist resolution "Caring for Creation: A Call to Stewardship and Justice," copy and paste the following link or click on it at the end of the manuscript.

2018-0812 Opening a Door of Faith

The conclusion to the four-sermon series "Creating a Culture of Invitation."

2018-0805 Dinner Invitations

The third sermon in the "Creating a Culture of Invitation" series by Dr. John Kay.

2018-0729 Past Trying

The second sermon in the "Creating a Culture of Invitation" series by Rev. John Kay.

2018-0722 Get In and Sit Beside Me

The first sermon in Rev. John Kay's series "Creating a Culture of Invitation." Learn more about how Kavanaugh can become even more inviting.